The history of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa is a long tumultuous and inspired journey. Formed in the early 90s . They have been able to overcome adversity, 6 cities, at least 53 members, a spinal injury, grounding apathy and their own creative aspirations often squashed flat. If it is true that what does not kill you makes you stronger, K'LS is standing proof. They spawned from the experimental, punk, noise, rock scene that included legendary bands like Harry Pussy,The Eat, Cavity, Morbid Opera, Stun Gunz and Trash Monkeys. KLS haphazardly nurtured and created a sound which integrated a myriad of often juxtaposing influences, Garage rock, musique concrete, post punk, psychedelia, bubblegum, prog and country. Through the years, the sound of the band has evolved, receiving both praise and punctuated question marks.

In their inception K'LS played , booked and promoted DIY shows at Churchill's Hideaway (a British pub in Miami's Little Haiti district). The anarchic free flowing caustically wasted scene was fuel for Kreamy 'Lectric Santa to develop their unique sound . K'LS would also book opening acts that had a wide range of musical styles. leading to the creation of an exciting, vibrant scene of artists, musicians and misfits that left its historic water mark in Miami

Their universe started expanding with multiple releases on Starcrunch and several national tours in a leaky Econoline van. Touring from Miami was difficult, so KLS relocated to a more central location Atlanta Ga.

It was in Atlanta that Priya sustained a spinal injury that left her paraplegic and in a wheelchair. The band was forced to go on a 2 year hiatus during her rehab. Robert and Priya moved to Pennsylvania to stay with family during initial acclimation. Long time bassist Andrew moved to Tennessee and drummer Ricky Pollo returned to Miami.

Keeping true to their tradition, Robert and Priya were not willing to give up on the band. They saved money and planned to meet Andrew in San Francisco to reform. Robert and Priya were able to get as far as LA. The remainder of the plan did not turn out exactly as they had envisioned. Andrew untimely passing in 2003 marked a great sadness and a massive need to still continue despite all inherent obstacles. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa relocated to the Bay Area released several records and then Asheville NC to where the current line up includes Morgan Stickrod (Black Rainbow, Dark Rides, Tulsa) on drums and Andy Loebs (Wizardskin)
on bass

A multitude of releases are in the works
and no plans to stop this crazy thing till their ashes are firmly planted and the world is an idillic place

Waylon Nietzsche 97