1980 to 2007 6 song retrospective of unreleased material 2-

Misconceptions abound Here is what can easily be attributed to a re-conceptualization of previous material (or is it?) ancient 4 track recordings super charged on the computer and studio also a new take on "Secrets of the universe"( a long forgotten KLS tune from the Soup Dragonesque 90s)- We also Included in the package a c.d. of Krap we'd never consciously release........yet here it is!....stupid eh? If that isn't enough to whet yer gummy crank a massive text seriously and laborious written about the proper way to record a toilet and a magnifying glass to help make reading the tiny print barely plausible...Enjoy till certain blindness kicks in-

Still available via Digestive Systems


1990-2004 5 song retrospective of unreleased material-Great plans laid to rest-KREAMY 'LECTRIC SANTA'S first 7" in 5 years (1990-2004 5 song retrospective of unreleased material vol 1) Our buddy Brad (Shut Up Records) saw the infinite marketing potential followed by a 5 year hiatus violinist/vocalist Priya's spinal injury, my flirtations with the corporate world and Bassist Andrew's death Its truly the best thing we've done that year (veering from Post punk, Prog, No Wave, Electro Acoustic, Lo-Fi, Kraut (Miami) rock? Euro Breakbeats and Noise all haphazardly and irresponsibly placed within 8 minutes 70 seconds)

Taking Rainbo Bridge by Strategy Self Release 1992ish Cassette

In actuality Robert's previous band "The Prom Sluts" following its instant demise after a multitude of financial funding recording and production on his part. He decided since he wrote all the tunes to give the other two sluts John and Tim credit and release a limited 100 copies under the KLS moniker . Priya guests on violin on The Ballad of Charlie Pickett"


Supergroup 2000 7" Paddywagon Jive 1993ish

Miami gone S.F. celeb. and deviant Sean Kelly's foray into running a record label (Paddywagon Jive) Nobody really recalls what KLS were thinking at the time. obviously the intake valve was in full effect and thought and/or logic was the enemy and yet we didnt stop there


Da Bronx Sity Chikn Machine Vol 2 CD Starcrunch 1995ish

Surprisingly up until the recent Starcleaner record the only full length CD (currently unavailable). Contains a wondrous found recording of snot driven 4th graders doing Macbeth and a heap load of hits and stuff sewn oh so tightly together


Music for Meditation relaxation and the imminent overthrow of all world governments
7" 1996 on Starcrunch

This jam packed vaguely recognizable satire of Crass's Christ the album is awash in psychedelic text concerning the upcoming "Nothing Youth rebellion" (perhaps you fergot it)...well good for you....it happened late fall 97



4 or Four 7' Tibetan Beefgarden 1997

Partially recorded on 4 track at Tim Putts casa as well as the rural plains of Homestead Florida. The last release b4 KLS left Miami for the cursed Atlanta Ga. Four is a personal band fave. No relation to Foreigner's album of the same name-fyi the 1984 b cover image pre-dated the Andres got a possesque stencil (to the best of our knowledge)

Gods chosen cuts Cassette on Freedom From 98

Crates of various tapes upon tapes were randomly compiled into this 90 minute foray. There are bits and pieces of the lost Bronx sity machine volume 1 trax (master tapes were left in the trunk of Priyas Subaru during a particularly hot Miami summer). This oddity has gained them some attention from the No Doctors folk and Triangle but I think that's about it...nuff sed


Noggistadt- Quantumlibet Secretum

Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers

What happens when Robert and Priya and Paul Enema (Stun Gunz) Meet up with Michael (Noggin, Behead the Prophet) at his home in Bellingham Wa. durring a particularly torrid KLS tour. Free improv with dual violin, synth and various stuff laying about. Michael made some awesome 12 grain pancakes the next day. There is still another hour of unreleased stuff from these sessions that Tibetan Beefgarden may put out at some point...offers welcome


Monostadt cassette -Union Pole

The first official release of Churchills hideaways official room clearer. Priya, Adris Hoyos (Harry Pussy) and Robert-At time's you can almost hear the acoustic refrains bleeding thru the whitenoise. Original gay bondage art n/a at time of posting

Monostadt 3-Experiment 7.3-Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers

Rated #1 by a multitude of madmen. This sonic mesh of feedback and self indulgence has reached more livingrooms and car stereos then ever expected and caused quite an forgetable stir in the noise community (for the record Robert did the cover art and Graham Lambkin did the sexy insert)