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Kreamy "Lectric Santa
" -Operation Spacetime Cynderblock-4 Riddles Of The Spheres- "-
12"-CD and Online Downloads


12 Bucks

What Peeps (People) often deemed as being talented gifted and maintaining undeniable intellectial social and musical cred have to say about our stinkin band

Exciting to see the re-emergence of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa,they still wiggle as weirdly as ever
Byron Coley-Wire

My favorite Avant Garde Band
Brent Hinds-Mastodon

Blends noise, sound clips and brilliant hooks to become a cacophony of infectious tracks. short sweet and really great-MP
Punk Planet

kreamy 'lectric santa always bring the love and without them the sun would be so much more alone
Thurston Moore

It's rare when a band can create their own aesthetic, their own universe and be unencumbered by any outside influence, and KLS do it effortlessly and with a fair amount of snarky humor and astute observation. Not to mention they write some of the most infectious songs you are likely to hear.
Aesop Dekker-Cosmic Hearse-Ludicra-Hickey

"Intricate and joyful spazz-pop-noise-They brought down the house with their joie de vivre"

"KLS are an insane smorgasbord for your ears! Faust meets X Ray Spex the Boredoms meet The Carpenters"
Mike Mcgonigal

"It may help to know that rearranging the letters of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa spells `Mr. Satan, Trice Leaky', a phrase of confusing nonsense, yet seemingly meaningful... much like their music."
- TradeMark Gunderson, The Evolution Control Committe

Perfect attitude, imperfectly expressed; ideally impoverished, impious toward the ideal. Unsung, unfolding still, stellar...
Tom Smith-To live and shave in L.a

"I went into the project thinking KLS wanted me to fuck up their mixes, and perhaps they did, but it was hard to fuck up something so beautiful. KLS has the spark and energy of the great bands of the 60's and with a sound that's all their own."
Thomas Dimuzio

KLS rule the roost with electric juice" 
Bill Orcutt-Harry Pussy

These dudes are musikal encyclopedias,roller coaster of an album!To place them in any genre is futile!"
Dino Felipe

The 1st official full length in 14 years. Yup yup KLS did do a slew of 7"s-comps and even a free cdr containing disposable traxs that was released with the last 7" but this is our 1st full length since "the Bronx Sity Chikn Machine Cd"
reared its ugly head or more specificly "when Miami wuz flat and "Trance" was Ace"

Why so long since the last full length release?
1 Spinal inury, 1 death, 1 Flirtation with the corporate world (now laid off) and a 7 year hiatus-The rest can be easily attributed to complete laziness and abject poverty.......

"But now were back and older then ever!!!!!"

Whatcha get?-
For 12 bucks you get a 12" record (yes thats vinyl) -The album on cd and 25 free downloads

Why so cheap?
Jen and Shell of Starcleaner records are super cool DIY freaks and want to pass the savings on to you "The cerebral expectant consumer/masses"...even if its often at a loss to them

Should I buy this or the new Michael Jackson tribute album?
Seriously we really do need the money

Who did the cool artwork?

Harumi Abe-Front cover
Errol Powell-Back cover
Priya Ray-Layout and back cover
Robert Price-Fonts

Whats on it?
Bombastique Intro
Workaholics Paradise lost and found
Like Friggin gone
Sickly sweet
Con. st. whet. d resurfaced
Nu World order society
Danse Bastard dance (micro edit)

Sickly sweet 19
Time honored tradition
Man and a horse
Holdin yerself (orchestral version)
Spacejam 92 revisited
Mindy Cohn
Bombastique outro

+ 25 free downloads including Alt Unreleased versions, rare trax and 2 experimental remixes by renowned composer, mastering engineer and friend of the family Thomas Dimuzio



Who's on it?-

The band-

Robert price, Priya Ray, Andrew Powell, Ian Billet, Jon Paul, Jan 9 and Ricky Pollo


and guest peeps

Erika Anderson of The Gowns,

Canafis Foote of The Carrerers

Chris Johnson (new KLS drummer)-Drunk Horse

Dino Felipe

Morgan Stickrod-Black Rainbow

Thomas Dimuzio

Winston Goertz Griffens-Saything

and many many more

Co produced-Mastered and partially mixed by

Thomas Dimuzio

Recorded by Eli Cruz-Thomas Dimuzio-Robert Price-Winston Goertz Griffens and Andy Baker

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